High-tech and human development

Some basic principles - often shaped by leaders and supported by the led - exercise of the collective consciousness of the importance of promoting the orderly development than intended. The development is generally higher, but not necessarily civilized. The spaces are as follows:. "Our level of technological advancement is second to none at this level, we need to prepare the society for peace and to secure the peace, technology must be revised in order to further the policy of the war." Technological pushed in this direction sets a dangerous precedent for other companies who fear a threat to their sovereignty. You are also encouraged to promote technological warfare.
In the area of ​​civilization, this kind of development is not praiseworthy, or morally. Since it is not morally acceptable, it is socially irresponsible. An on-site inspection, which is the last show, there is a problem. The last requirement is the completion of two previous premises, but in no way be closed properly. Represented a conclusion is derived passion, and if so, take, not prepared statement as rational conclusion mind, at least when it appeared.

Have a Need advice Audit Committee of the technology?

To survive technological decisions to meet the mandate of the management team, such decisions. Although the current pace of rapid technological change means that decisions are technology companies large and frequent consequences of good and bad decisions will remain the company for a long time. Generally, decisions are not decided unilaterally technology in Information Technology (IT) group, the managers have taken to input or supervision. Exercise for the board of a company, its obligation to decide on strategic decisions to be met, the Commission needs a mechanism to review and guide decisions.
A recent example in which such monitoring would have resource planning (ERP) enthusiasm of the mid-1990s. At that time, many companies invest millions of dollars (and sometimes hundreds of millions) in ERP systems from SAP and Oracle. Often these purchases by financial executives, personnel, operations or strongly defend their purchase as a way to be in order. With its competitors, it also had to install these systems deal motivated CIOs and managers often do not have enough value to the question of how to make a successful transition to these very complex systems. Direction of the company and organizational development change management has been neglected by these new systems often leads to a crisis. Billions of dollars were on systems that had not been purchased in whole or purchased, were before the client companies were ready been spent.
Of course, any medium or large organization working successfully today without computers and the software that makes them useful. The technology is also one of the largest and the capital base for the operating expenses of the company outside of work and plant. For both these reasons, the Council monitoring technology at the appropriate level to a certain level.
Board can continue to leave these decisions only basic current management team? Important technological options are inherently risky (studies have shown promise, less than half), while bad decisions take years to be repaired or replaced. More than half of the investment in the technology is not returning the expected benefits in terms of profitability, the following tips in technological decisions are involved. It is surprising that only ten percent of the listed companies have IT audit committees as part of their boards. However, the companies have higher a clear competitive advantage in the form of an annual compound return of 6.5% than its competitors.

Patents: a tool for technology monitoring

Patents are the biggest source of technological information. Patents provide the inventor as a reward for innovation as an exclusive monopoly for a period of 20 years from the priority date of the invention. Because of advancements in the field of computer and internet, now these valuable documents to the general public. Any person skilled in the art can go through the patent databases available after another and felt his need. Different databases, namely patents, USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc freely open to the public. If we examine patents related to a specific technological area, we will be able to find a lot of information about the life cycle of knowledge to technological innovation.,
or the way of the development of a specific technology,
or technological development,
, Technological Diversification
Technology or merged
o The most important players in specific technological area,
o The main points of special technology
"The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), found that 90% and 95% of all inventions of the world can be found in the patents."
Patent analysis revealed valuable information, not available everywhere. Once the search is essential patents patent analysis, and it must be very precise about its objective study. The information contained in patent documents can be used differently depending on the needs and accordingly assigned to the image of the entire analysis snapshots.
Patent data can be used for the production of technological environment. Logistics math circle and can be very useful to track the technological landscape. It can show the trend of development of the technology, how it developed from a basic technology, and the period of diversification and technological. These cards also give a detailed description of the fusion of different technologies to breakthrough technologies. These types of cards are for personal use R & D to assess the state of research and technology useful, and also ways to get the latest technology and the most valuable innovations.