High-tech and human development

Some basic principles - often shaped by leaders and supported by the led - exercise of the collective consciousness of the importance of promoting the orderly development than intended. The development is generally higher, but not necessarily civilized. The spaces are as follows:. "Our level of technological advancement is second to none at this level, we need to prepare the society for peace and to secure the peace, technology must be revised in order to further the policy of the war." Technological pushed in this direction sets a dangerous precedent for other companies who fear a threat to their sovereignty. You are also encouraged to promote technological warfare.
In the area of ​​civilization, this kind of development is not praiseworthy, or morally. Since it is not morally acceptable, it is socially irresponsible. An on-site inspection, which is the last show, there is a problem. The last requirement is the completion of two previous premises, but in no way be closed properly. Represented a conclusion is derived passion, and if so, take, not prepared statement as rational conclusion mind, at least when it appeared.

A company that goes under the previous budget - and especially the non sequitur - the psyche of the people has not transferred superiority negotiable. All the time, the power of passion dictates the rhythm of human behavior. Whether a constructive engagement and partnerships, the principle of equality does not work well because of the superiority syndrome that starts the leader and the LED. And a company that participates in the collective sensitivity and passion of the company refuses expected the logic to a potential or actual enemy face confrontation on all possible fronts.
Most of what we learn about the world, of course, the media is dominated by technology, state-of-the-art. Companies that have more of this technique again and again, expressed its most modern. Not only that raises his lead at the summit of power, superiority and glory. You can also simplify technology and improve the understanding of life and nature in a different direction, a direction to eliminate as far as possible, a previous connection between life and nature was a tendency, in many respects, mystical and dangerous . This last point does not necessarily mean that technological progress is a sign of a superior civilization.
What we know is that civilization and technology are not legitimate conditions. Civilized peoples, a technology or not. Civilization is not just a matter of science and technology and the technical infrastructure or the miracle of the building, but also the moral and spiritual reflections of people and their social networks to do in their own society and beyond. This is from the whole composition of the behavior of people who can not all forms of physical structures can be produced so that. The issue of Science and Technology Therefore, could the type of bridges, roads, buildings, machinery, among other things that we say in society, in general, the behavior of the population. Model behavior could also say a lot about the extent to which the natural environment for infrastructure, science and technology has been used. What is important is the behavior model could say much about the perception and understanding of other people.
I believe - and I think most people believe what they do - to accelerate the pace of development of infrastructure and technology, the environment needs to back their naturalness. Once the advances in technology competes (and its auxiliary structures or ideas) to be with the natural environment of space, the environment, such as trees houses, herbs, flowers, all kinds of animals and fish must be small. However, population growth, human incessant thirst for quality of life suggest the need life without relying on unpredictable natural conditions govern the use of technology. The technology requires no undue danger to the natural environment. It is the misuse of the technology involved. While a company can not only technology to improve the quality of life, people are asking, too: "What need much we technology to protect the natural environment" Suppose society Y connects the proper use of technology with the natural environment, the irresponsible destruction of the latter set, then this type is the positioning illustrates the point that the company and is a lover of the principle of balance. Based on this principle, we can conclude boldly that society and contributes to stability rather than chaos, and thus a sense of moral and social responsibility. All points of the state-of-the-art sophistication of the human mind, and indicates that the natural environment has been tamed cavalierly.
If living man do not want to thank you for the natural world - which of course is a sure way of life - but to be expected at their own pace, then the use of technology is a natural thing. Seems to believe that the principle of balance that the company has chosen and its only for a short period and it is a position rather that a true. In fact, if the power of the human mind is satisfied, after a significant achievement of the art, retirement, or at best, a slowdown is quite unusual. It is as if the human mind is said: "Advances in technology have accelerated away, or open a gradual process is an insult to the inquiring mind .." This type of thought process marked only the mystery of the spirit, a dark side, not the best neighborhood., And try to provoke this kind of technology in accordance with the instructions of the mind, the role of ethics is needed.

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