High-tech and human development

Some basic principles - often shaped by leaders and supported by the led - exercise of the collective consciousness of the importance of promoting the orderly development than intended. The development is generally higher, but not necessarily civilized. The spaces are as follows:. "Our level of technological advancement is second to none at this level, we need to prepare the society for peace and to secure the peace, technology must be revised in order to further the policy of the war." Technological pushed in this direction sets a dangerous precedent for other companies who fear a threat to their sovereignty. You are also encouraged to promote technological warfare.
In the area of ​​civilization, this kind of development is not praiseworthy, or morally. Since it is not morally acceptable, it is socially irresponsible. An on-site inspection, which is the last show, there is a problem. The last requirement is the completion of two previous premises, but in no way be closed properly. Represented a conclusion is derived passion, and if so, take, not prepared statement as rational conclusion mind, at least when it appeared.